Lanzarote and its Ocean
Lanzarote is a special island thanks to its volcanic deserts and lunar landscapes, but what not everyone knows is the beauty of its ocean. Sup Tour Lanzarote Experience was created for this very reason, to offer everyone different experiences that, while resting on the surface of its ocean, allow them to enjoy the island from the outside, ready to take a look at what’s happening on Lanzarote’s seabad. Lanzarote is also world famous for its marine and underwater activities, whatever discipline you choose to experience them with.
Its northern coasts host special waves that draw surfers and kitesurfers from all over the world, while the southern coasts are always so calm that they regularly host sailing regattas and windsurfing competitions. Its uniquely beautiful seabed makes it one of the most popular destinations for divers and freedivers, who find ideal conditions here all year round to enjoy the unique underwater experiences that only these waters can offer.
When talking about the Atlantic Ocean people often imagine difficult conditions, inhospitable temperatures and tides suitable only for the most experienced sailors, so when you arrive on the coasts of Lanzarote you will be incredibly surprised to discover how welcoming the ocean is here, where for most of the year the water does not fall below eighteen degrees and where anyone can live the sea through relaxing or exciting experiences.