Sup Experiences


Offering an experience is quite different from providing a service, because it requires not only knowledge, quality and organisation, but also a great amount of creativity.

So what are the experiences?

Among our top activities are the Tours, with which you can enjoy Lanzarote from an unprecedented point of view by following the coastline from the outside; Snorkeling, to observe the incredible variety of marine life that populates the island below the surface; Apnea, a way of discovering how many wonders you can see with just one breath; and Relaxation, which is the activity that most people need and which is not always so easy to enjoy to the full.

But that’s not all, because there are also all the special activities that we offer from time to time with the collaboration of the ideas of our customers themselves when they tell us what they most want and need.
Curious to know a few more details? Just view our main activities and imagine how you want to spend your vacation in your own time.

Sup Tours

Sup tour Playa Blanca

Duration : 1 hour and half prox
Price : 40 euro per person
Min 2 people

This tour is ideal for those who have at least had an introductory lesson or are already familiar with the sport and want to improve their skills with a guide. The tour will take place between the Dive College dive centre and Playa Flamingo.
Stand Up Paddle lesson for beginners

Duration: an hour and half prox
Price : 40 euro per person
Min 2 people

If this is your first time on a stand up paddle board then you might like to take one of our introductory lessons. In this lesson you will learn how to prepare your equipment and take care of it, take your first steps on the board in an environment protected from waves and wind, practice getting up and paddling on the board efficiently, and identify and deal with possible hazards.

Sup tour Papagayo Beach, Playa Blanca

Duration : 3 hours
Price : 60 euro per person
Min 2 people

It is ideal for those who already practice this sport and want to explore the beautiful beaches of Papagayo, we can bring a mask and tube to explore the seabed and stop at one of its beaches for a snack or a drink.

Sup e Apnea

Excursion to the wrecks of Puerto del Carmen

Duration : 3 hours aprox
Price : 45 euros per person

This trip is one of the most exciting and requires at least a first level of freediving plus some SUP skills. We will meet at the famous beach of Playa Chica and from there we will paddle to the wrecks of Puerto del Carmen where we will stop with our boards to relax before the dive. Non hai ancora fatto un primo livello di apnea? Not yet done a freediving first level? You can check out the section Experience Freediving here.

Sup and Chill

Sup tours at sunset

Duration: 1 hour and half
Price: 45 euros per person.

One of the most romantic and unforgettable excursions we offer, where we will enjoy the sunset from our table while gently paddling on the sea. The time may change depending on the time of year.